Nanotechnology is the enabling technology that allows us to develop materials with improved or totally new properties.
Changing the properties of material particles without affecting their chemical composition can now be easily achieved
utilizing nanotechnology. The building and construction sector will inevitably be a beneficiary with nanotechnology due
to its significant impact in improving the physical and mechanical properties of the materials. Therefore, it is
considered to be the base of future technologies. The application of nanotechnology can be of great help in innovating
green and sustainable construction.
This series of conferences started in 2009. The conference gathered participants from different countries in the world
and provided a platform for discussions and reporting about research results. HBRC and ERU agreed upon
organizing the current conference to explore potentials and facilitate the cooperation in nanotechnology fields.
Copyright 2015 ©  All Rights Reserved.
Copyright 2015 ©  All Rights Reserved.