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Yakovlev Grigory Ivanovich
The influence of carbon soot dispersion on the
electrical Conductivity of fluoroanhydrite
Professor Yakovlev G.I. works as the head of the
department "Geotechnics and building materials" in the
Kalashnikov Izhevsk State Technical University. The range
of scientific interests is associated with the use of
nanodispersed additives to modify the properties of
composite building materials. According to the results of
the conducted researches, 8 post-graduate students
defended their theses, including 2 post-graduate students
from the Egyptian-Russian University. Scientific results are
actively introduced into production. He co-organizes the
international conference "Nanotechnology in Construction"
from the Russian side at all previous conferences.
Prof. Hend E. Farouh
Application of Nanotechnology In Building -
Integrated Photovoltaic Systems.

Prof. Farouh is a Professor of Environment and
Sustainable Design at Egypt’s Housing and Building
National Research Center and currently she is the national
project manager of Grid Connected Small-Scale Solar
Systems (Egypt - PV) which is implemented by the
Industrial Modernization Centre (IMC) and the United Nation
Development Program (UNDP). Egypt-PV is the low
Carbon Award winner at the international El Awards 2020
of the British Energy Institute
She was the former executive director of the “Central Unit
for Sustainable Cities and Renewable Energy” in the New
Urban Communities Authority (NUCA) where she was
responsible for supporting planning, designing,
constructing and operating green sustainable projects in
the new cities  focusing on renewable energy, energy and
water efficiency, waste management, sustainable
transport, and green construction systems.
Prof. Farouh has more than 23 years of experience in
sustainable design &urban development focusing on
energy efficiency and renewable energy implementing
sustainability strategy, and fostering community
participation to support such endeavors.
She is specialized in interdisciplinary development projects
national& international and she is a team leader of Green
Pyramid Rating System for sustainable community version
and administrative and financial institution version as well
and team member of energy efficiency building code and
green building code.
Prof. Dr. Taha Mattar
Nanotechnology development in metals and
energy sectors.

Prof. Mattar is the dean of Tabbin Institute for
Metallurgical Studies (TIMS), Cairo, Egypt; April, 2020.
He is a Professor of Materials science at CMRDI, Egypt.
He is currently also the Chairman of:: Energy and
Environment Research Center, the Center of
Manufacturing Studies, Technological Incubators,
Research Studies Unit; and Egyptian-Belarusian Center
for Research and Studies at TIMS.
Prof. Mattar is the chair of the scientific council as well
as Educational & Scientific Affairs Committee at TIMS.
Prof. Mattar is also the Chair of accreditation
committee at TIMS.
Prof. Medhat Ibrahim
Recent Activities for Molecular Modeling and
Molecular Spectroscopy Group at National
Research Centre.

Prof. Medhat Ibrahim graduated from the Physics
Department, Helwan University in 1990. Joined
Spectroscopy Department in 1992 as Research
Assistant. He obtained PhD in Experimental Physics
from Cairo University in 2000, then was appointed as a
Researcher in the Spectroscopy Department, NRC.

He was Guest Scientist at Juelich Research Center, Germany in
TU-Berlin, Germany in 2007;
Chinese Academy of Science in 2008,
CNR Rome, Italy in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and
Erciyes University, Turkey in 2013 and 2014,
JINR, Russia in 2015 2016, 2018 and 2019.
He is currently Professor of Applied Spectroscopy and former
head of Spectroscopy Department from 2011 to 2017.
Head of Physics Division, NRC since 05-2020.
He was the Secretary of Committee of Safety and
Occupational Health (2005-2006) at NRC. He was a member
of the National Committee of Physics from 2013 to 2018; then
once more from 2018.