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Sayed Shebl M. Shebl, Ph.D.
Professor of Building Physics
Director of the Building Physics Institute
Housing & Building National Research
Center, HBRC
· Prof. Shebl graduated from Power Mech Engineering Dept., Faculty of Engineering at Mataria, Hellwan
University in 1988. He obtained his M.Sc. from Faculty of Engineering at Mataria, Hellwan University in
1997 and his Ph.D. from Faculty of Engineering at Shoubra, Zagazig University, in 2003. Upon graduation,
he has joined HBRC as a research assistant and was promoted in different positions and he is currently BPI
· Field of specialization: Building Physics Engineering including, Heat and Mass Transfer, Mechanical
and Thermo-Physical Properties of Building and Thermal Insulation Materials, Thermal Performance of
Buildings for Thermal Comfort, Energy Efficiency, Green and Sustainability Applications, Structure
Performance against Fire and Fireproofing Materials, Synthesis of Nano Materials and its Applications in
Building and Construction Materials, Solar and Renewable Energy Application - Mechanical Systems
(Elevators, HVAC) Consultation.
· Prof. Shebl get Study Tour "Energy Saving in Residential and Commercial Building in Germany",
2004. He also get Post Doctor scientific mission at Tuskegee University, Alabama, USA in the fields of
development of nano particles and recycling of wastes in composite thermal insulation and fireproofing
materials for green building applications.
· Member of a variety of Code Committees
· Prof. Shebl is the Principal Investigator and team member for a lot of national projects
· Author/co-author of tens of scientific papers.
· Attendance to tens of international conferences.
· Deputy of Conference General Secretary, Member of Organizing committee, and Member of Scientific
committee, in different Conference/Workshop
· Supervised and refereed many Ph.D. and M.Sc. theses.
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