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Khalid M. ElZahaby, Ph.D.
Professor of geotechnical engineering
Chairman of the Housing & Building
National Research Center, HBRC

· Prof. ElZahaby graduated from Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University in 1985 with honors. He obtained his
M.Sc. from Cairo University in 1989 and his Ph.D. from Civil Engineering Dept., North Carolina State
University, Raleigh, NC, USA in 1995. Upon graduation, he has joined HBRC as a research assistant and was
promoted in different positions and he is currently HBRC Chairman.
· Recipient of the ICC Global Award for the year 2013, September 2013, Atlantic City, NJ, USA.
· Awarded a plaque from H.E., Prince Mansour Bin Metaeb, Minister of Municipal Affairs, KSA, April 2013.
· Geotechnical consultant for 30 years. He is currently serving as an assessor for geotechnical consultants,
Egyptian Syndicate for Engineers.
· Prof. ElZahaby is the Principal Investigator for a project funded by the STDF (Egypt) and NSF (USA)
concerning the assessment of seismic hazards on wind turbines. A case study is for a wind farm in
Zaafarana, Egypt.
· Head of HBRC Evaluation Services committee performing tasks similar to the ICC-ES in which new
construction systems and/or materials can be assessed and hence approved prior to being used in Egypt.
· Head and member of a variety of Code Committees.
· Chairman and editor of the HBRC Journal, published by Elsevier.
· Editor in Chief, Innovative Infrastructure Solutions.
· Author/co-author of tens of scientific papers.
· Supervised and refereed tens of Ph.D. and M.Sc. theses.
· Head of the standing committee for the training and certification programs run by the ICC and HBRC.
· Prof. ElZahaby has been the Egyptian focal point for the ongoing cooperation between HBRC and ICC /
IAS since 2007. To this end, he has helped in the accreditation of all the 7 labs existing at HBRC via IAS.
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